Websites For Busy Teachers

Keep an eye on this space for links to great resources for teachers in Japan. We’re compiling sites from all over the web ┬áthat cater to the needs of teachers: lesson planning, grading, assessing, podcasting, textbooks, and much more.


English Worksheet Websites

ESL Library

Ready made resources for English teachers…

onestopenglish english worksheets


kizphonics worksheets for kids
Handouts-Online ESL worksheets

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  1. Yaelitza January 7, 2013 at 4:00 am #

    I have “permanent” door signs outside every class that list all the polbisse teachers names for the class. I am worried that the little rascals of our church would wipe off or change the names on the white boards before the parents could see it :)I like your idea since it’s week specific…but having a list of the teachers by our doors at least gives parents an idea of who is in the room ;)Love, Michelle

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