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Learn English For Travelling


Douglas Adams

I provide English lessons in an easy way. To learn new languages you must enjoy the process. I taught English to non native speakers in the U.S. for 10 years. This class will focus on conversation and everyday English activities. I arrived to Japan in 2015 and I have a good place top teach in Nakano. yep

Class Location:

This class is on the top floor

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Class Topics:
Topic 1 - At The MarketTopic 2 - In the Movie ThaterTopic 3 - At the BankTopic 4 - Buying GroceriesTopic 5 - Meeting FriendsTopic 6 - Going to a Party

Teacher Details

Teacher: Douglas Adams

The Best Teacher in Japan


Student Level: Beginner

Cost: 5000 JPY ¥

Start: May 31, 2018 :

End: July 31, 2020 :

Type of Class:  Online

Days Class Held:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Number of Classes: 5

Class Time: :-: