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Meeting Skills: English For Meetings

Skills You Will Learn
fun, interesting, unqiue

This is a business course which focuses on the key skills and language you need to participate in meetings in English. Each lesson examines a different area, introducing and practising essential phrases, grammar points and techniques for you to feel confident in taking part, contributing and leading a meeting.

Class Location:

Khanh An Commune, U Minh District

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Class Topics:
Opening a meetingUseful phrasal verbsClarifying and dealing with interruptionsAsking for and giving opinionsTeleconferencingAgreeing and disagreeing

Teacher Details



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Student Level: Intermediate

Cost: 200000 VND

Start: May 15, 2020 17:30

End: May 31, 2020 19:30

Type of Class:  Both In Person & Online

Days Class Held:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday

Number of Classes: 6

Class Time: 17:30-19:30