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Phrasal Verbs


Phrasal Verbs

Skills You Will Learn

Phrasal verbs are widely used in the English language, they are therefore important to enhance the level of your spoken English. They are also very important for your listening skills. If you communicate with native speakers, it is highly likely that they will use phrasal verbs. This course covers common phrasal verbs which will help your comprehension.

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Class Topics:
Learning strategiesCommon particlesPhrasal verbs for sportPhrasal verbs for lifePhrasal verbs for businessPhrasal verbs for travel

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Student Level: Beginner

Cost: 10 USD $

Start: April 29, 2020 7:00

End: May 8, 2020 12:00

Type of Class:  Online

Days Class Held:

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Number of Classes: 5

Class Time: 7:00-12:00