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Learning Goals & Style

Learning Method: Online

Ways To Learn: Music/Songs, Lots of repetition

Why am I learning this?

Short term goal:

Long term goal:


Current level: Upper Beginner

Focus Areas:

Classes per week: 4

Hobbies: cooking, kicking ass

Available Lesson Days & Times


   - Available

   - Not Available

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
6-7 am                     
7-8 am                     
8-9 am                     
9-10 am                     
10-11 am                     
11-12 am                     
12-1 pm                     
2-3 pm                     
3-4 pm                     
4-5 pm                     
5-6 pm                     
6-7 pm                     
7-8 pm                     
8-9 pm                     
9-10 pm                     
10-11 pm                     

Current Location

Country: Japan
Train Line:

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City: Yamanashi-shi Uenohara-shi Tsuru-shi Otsuki-shi Nishiyatsushiro-gun Nirasaki-shi Nakakoma-gun Minamitsuru-gun Minamikoma-gun Minamiarupusu-shi Koshu-shi Kofu-shi Kitatsuru-gun Kai-shi Hokuto-shi Fujiyoshida-shi Fuefuki-shi Chuo-shi Yaita-shi Utsunomiya-shi Tochigi-shi Shioya-gun Shimotsuke-shi Shimotsuga-gun Sano-shi Sakura-shi Oyama-shi Otawara-shi Nikko-shi Nasushiobara-shi Nasukarasuyama-shi Nasu-gun Moka-shi Kawachi-gun Kanuma-shi Kamitsuga-gun Haga-gun Ashikaga-shi Yuki-gun Yuki-shi Ushiku-shi Tsukubamirai-shi Tsukuba-shi Tsuchiura-shi Toride-shi Takahagi-shi Shimotsuma-shi Sashima-gun Sakuragawa-shi Ryugasaki-shi Omitama-shi Namegata-shi Naka-gun Naka-shi Moriya-shi Mito-shi Kuji-gun Koga-shi Kitasoma-gun Kitaibaraki-shi Kasumigaura-shi Kashima-shi Kasama-shi Kamisu-shi Joso-shi Itako-shi Ishioka-shi Inashiki-gun Inashiki-shi Hokota-shi Hitachiota-shi Hitachiomiya-shi Hitachinaka-shi Hitachi-shi Higashiibaraki-gun Chikusei-shi Bando-shi Tone-gun Tomioka-shi Tatebayashi-shi Tano-gun Takasaki-shi Shibukawa-shi Seta-gun Sawa-gun Ota-shi Ora-gun Numata-shi Midori-shi Maebashi-shi Kita-gun Kiryu-shi Kanra-gun Isesaki-shi Fujioka-shi Annaka-shi Agatsuma-gun Zushi-shi Zama-shi Yokosuka-shi Yokohama-shi Yamato-shi Tsukui-gun Sagamihara-shi Odawara-shi Naka-gun Miura-gun Miura-shi Minamiashigara-shi Koza-gun Kawasaki-shi Kamakura-shi Isehara-shi Hiratsuka-shi Hadano-shi Fujisawa-shi Ebina-shi Chigasaki-shi Ayase-shi Atsugi-shi Ashigarashimo-gun Ashigarakami-gun Aiko-gun Yotsukaido-shi Yachiyo-shi Yachimata-shi Urayasu-shi Tomisato-shi Togane-shi Tateyama-shi Sosa-shi Sodegaura-shi Shiroi-shi Sanmu-shi Sanbu-gun Sakura-shi Noda-shi Narita-shi Narashino-shi Nagareyama-shi Mobara-shi Minamiboso-shi Matsudo-shi Kisarazu-shi Kimitsu-shi Katsuura-shi Katori-gun Katori-shi Kashiwa-shi Kamogawa-shi Kamagaya-shi Isumi-gun Isumi-shi Inzai-shi Inba-gun Ichikawa-shi Ichihara-shi Futtsu-shi Funabashi-shi Choshi-shi Chosei-gun Chiba-shi Awa-gun Asahi-shi Abiko-shi Yoshikawa-shi Yashio-shi Warabi-shi Wako-shi Tsurugashima-shi Tokorozawa-shi Toda-shi Soka-shi Shiki-shi Sayama-shi Satte-shi Sakado-shi Saitama-shi Osato-gun Okegawa-shi Niiza-shi Misato-shi Minamisaitama-gun Kumagaya-shi Kuki-shi Koshigaya-shi Konosu-shi Kodama-gun Kitasaitama-gun Kitamoto-shi Kitakatsushika-gun Kitadachi-gun Kazo-shi Kawaguchi-shi Kawagoe-shi Kasukabe-shi Iruma-gun Iruma-shi Honjo-shi Hiki-gun Higashimatsuyama-shi Hidaka-shi Hatogaya-shi Hasuda-shi Hanyu-shi Hanno-shi Gyoda-shi Fukaya-shi Fujimino-shi Fujimi-shi Chichibu-gun Chichibu-shi Asaka-shi Ageo-shi Hinohara-mura Okutama-cho Mizuho-cho Hinode-cho Tama-shi Tachikawa-shi Ome-shi Nishitokyo-shi Nishitama-gun Musashino-shi Musashimurayama-shi Mitaka-shi Machida-shi Kunitachi-shi Komae-shi Kokubunji-shi Koganei-shi Kodaira-shi Kiyose-shi Inagi-shi Hino-shi Higashiyamato-shi Higashimurayama-shi Higashikurume-shi Hamura-shi Hachioji-shi Fussa-shi Fuchu-shi Chofu-shi Akishima-shi Akiruno-shi Taito-ku Toshima-ku Sumida-ku Suginami-ku Shinjuku-ku Shinagawa-ku Shibuya-ku Setagaya-ku Ota-ku Nerima-ku Nakano-ku Minato-ku Meguro-ku Koto-ku Kita-ku Katsushika-ku Itabashi-ku Edogawa-ku Chuo-ku Chiyoda-ku Bunkyo-ku Arakawa-ku Adachi-ku Prefecture: Yamanashi Tokyo Tochigi Saitama Kanagawa Ibaraki Gunma Chiba

Your Writings

Write short thoughts, essays or practice paragraphs and teachers will have the opportunity to read them and give you some thoughts, corrections, or ideas for improvement. This is also a great way to get an ideas of teacher's skills and styles before choosing one as your tutor.