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Websites For Busy Teachers

Keep an eye on this space for links to great resources for teachers in Japan. We’re compiling sites from all over the web  that cater to the needs of teachers: lesson planning, grading, assessing, podcasting, textbooks, and much more.


English Worksheet Websites

ESL Library

Ready made resources for English teachers…

onestopenglish english worksheets


kizphonics worksheets for kids
Handouts-Online ESL worksheets


Share your favorite sites with Swikee and tell us why you like them.

Team Swikee

Swikee is run by teachers and former teachers who simply want to make the job of teaching easier. We use technology, quality materials, common sense to build the tools teachers and students need to succeed. And we actually listen to teachers and discover their pain points to continually refine what we do.

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  1. Yaelitza on January 7, 2013 at 4:00 am

    I have “permanent” door signs outside every class that list all the polbisse teachers names for the class. I am worried that the little rascals of our church would wipe off or change the names on the white boards before the parents could see it :)I like your idea since it’s week specific…but having a list of the teachers by our doors at least gives parents an idea of who is in the room ;)Love, Michelle

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